What is a Keynote?

Did you know that Gilbert H. Hood Middle School in Derry has been presenting wonderful musical theatre productions each and every year since 1978? Thousands of past GHHMS students will tell you that the musical is one of their fondest memories of middle school. Your student can participate in the show either by acting or working behind the scenes as part of the skilled stage crew.

As you might suspect, it costs thousands of dollars to produce these musicals and, surprisingly, not one taxpayer dollar has ever been used to fund them. How is this possible? A group of dedicated parents just like you makes it possible. This group is called the Keynotes. The Keynotes are the "producers" of the musical and not only do they raise the needed funds, but they do all the behind the scenes work (costuming, make-up, sound, lights, cast party, publicity, programs, refreshments etc.) necessary to put on a great show.

Can you help us make this a once in a lifetime rewarding experience for your child? We are always looking for new members who can share their talents. Feel free to e-mail Keynotes for more information or to volunteer your skills!